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Case study: New website copy for Omnia Health

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum

Omnia Health needed help with their website.

This functional medicine practice had grown significantly since its founding. The original website didn’t have enough information for new patients to understand the scope of what they offered. Plus, the look-and-feel no longer fit their practice and, with very few SEO keywords, they weren’t getting found.

They knew a robust website could help grow their practice and drive efficiencies.

Lauren Graphics – a fabulous boutique web/print design agency in metro Denver – asked me to join the team to help create an all-new, on-target website for Omnia Health. The doctor and staff wanted their new website to present:

  • A more thorough explanation of functional medicine
  • Clear statements regarding the particular types of chronic issues the practice can resolve for patients, so prospective patients could “self-qualify”
  • Their expanded services, with plenty of details to answer most people’s questions and reduce the number of calls
  • A thorough FAQs section to cut down on the number of calls
  • An updated “Meet the Team” section with more impactful bios
  • A case study section to show a track record of success resolving patient issues
  • A blog with regular articles to share advice, showcase their expertise, and improve SEO

Now, with a clear understanding of the “landscape,” it was time to get started.

To address all these needs, we started with my copywriting activity to capture the essence of their practice, put forth clear benefits, explain functional medicine, and organize the many details. I also included keywords to improve SEO.

While the copy was being written, the website designers/developers created a bright, attractive, and engaging design to convey the idea of health and wellbeing. As a team, we decided to expand the website to improve the user experience, making it easier to find the information that current and prospective patients need. Omnia’s doctor and staff were thrilled were their beautiful, hardworking website!

This successful practice will continue to grow. As the practice expands, it will be easy to expand the website to support their communication needs.


“Lauren Graphics and team – including Patrice Rhoades-Baum as our website copywriter – did a wonderful job with our website. They listened to our needs and delivered a beautiful and fully functioning website. We are so proud of our website and get many compliments on the design and how informative it is. The option for patients to sign up for a 15-minute consultation through our website has made a huge difference to our workflow. By adding an extensive FAQs page, patients have more information about how our practice works before they set up a consultation. This means their 15-minute consultation is focused on their health concerns. The FAQs page also answers many questions that allow for qualified leads to reach out and get on our schedule. Thank you, team, for listening to us and creating an amazing website!”

– Dr. Jacqui Pariset, Omnia Health,



BRANDING FOR SOLOPRENEURS: If you’re starting a business, start with this fast, affordable, results-driven process to nail your brand

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


Your website and marketing tools must be on-target – and it all starts with clarifying your brand message.

Patrice Rhoades-Baum provides on-target brochures and speaker one-sheetsIn these fiercely competitive times, your website and other marketing tools must be crisp and clear, polished and professional, strategic and hardworking. An on-target marketing toolkit sets you apart from the competition – it helps you promote and grow your business. Without question, your clear brand message serves as the foundation.

First step: If you are a solopreneur launching a business as a professional speaker, business coach or author, let’s lay a solid foundation by clarifying your brand. 

Backed by 40 years of marketing experience, I have “cracked the code” for small business branding! For the past 15 years, I’ve teamed with hundreds of solopreneurs to clarify their brand message before writing on-target website copy as well as content for their speaker one-sheet or author one-sheet. This led me to create my unique Nail Your Brand system. In a fast-paced, affordable, results-driven process, we work together to identify the unique Brand Elements for your business.

Next step: Let’s create a hardworking website and marketing toolkit.

As project manager, I lead my hand-selected team of designers, website developers, and social media marketing experts to create polished marketing tools that powerfully and beautifully convey your brand and “speak” to your target market. Typically, this includes a new logo, website, blog articles, social media profiles, speaker one-sheet or author one-sheet, and business card.

Ready to launch your business? Ready to shine as an expert?

Let’s clarify your brand message, develop a strategic website, and create marketing tools that ensure you shine as the expert you are. You’ll enjoy this fast-paced process AND you’ll be thrilled with the results!