Nail Your Domain Name Workbook:
3 Steps to Select the BEST Website Address for Your Business

It’s time to select the BEST domain name (website address) for your business, but are you: 

  • Confused? Stuck? Afraid you’ll make the wrong choice?
  • Is this “simple” task holding up important activities, like printing business cards and creating a website?
  • How do you select ONE domain name – the BEST website address – for your business? There are a lot of options and obstacles. And it’s SO important to get it right.

Remember the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? The adventuring archaeologist and his father are seeking a religious artifact – a cup known as the Holy Grail. They encounter an elderly knight protecting dozens of cups, yet only one is the Holy Grail. There are so many choices. Which one is the right one?

The rival archaeologist selects a fancy gold cup, drinks from it, and instantly dies a ghastly death. The knight states simply: “He chose poorly.” Next, Indiana Jones selects and drinks from a different cup – the RIGHT one. The knight reassures him: “You have chosen wisely.”

When you need to buy a domain name (website address) for your business, there are SO MANY choices. Like Indiana Jones, how do you choose wisely?

How do you make the BEST CHOICE? How do you select the ONE domain name – the right website address – for your business when there are so many options and obstacles?

Are you feeling:

  • Confused and stuck?
  • Afraid you’ll make the wrong choice?
  • Anxious because you need to get this done?
  • Frustrated that it’s STILL on your to-do list?
  • Overwhelmed and confused by all the options?
  • Pressured to make the RIGHT choice, because you’ll need to stick with it for years?
  • Afraid you’ll waste money buying too many domain names – too many WRONG ones?


What happens if you make the wrong choice?

A good website address helps prospective customers find you. If they conduct an Internet search and cannot find your website, you lose sales – whether you offer a product or a service.

If you don’t select the RIGHT website address…

  • What happens if it’s not relevant to your business? – Mini case study: Ward started a business that sells athletic shoes for men. He didn’t understand the importance of having a good domain name. He selected a website address that featured his wife’s name AND his dog’s name! It doesn’t communicate what the business sells: athletic shoes for men. The website address doesn’t support his brand or help to promote his business. Unless he makes a change, Ward will lose sales.
  • What happens if it’s hard to spell? – Some words in the English language are flat-out hard to spell. For example: cerulean, chartreuse, fuchsia. If your prospective customers cannot spell your website address, it’s hard for them to find your website. You will lose sales.
  • What happens if it’s cryptic or confusing? – A jumble of letters or strange jargon means nothing to your prospects. If they cannot remember your website address, they may not find your business online. You will lose sales.
  • What happens if it’s not a good fit? – If the website address you choose is not a good fit, you WILL be changing it in the future. That means you’ll need to update your website, brochures, ads, etc. It will cost you time – and it will cost you money. During the transition, you will lose sales.

Plus, SO MANY important things hinge on making the right decision, even printing business cards!

Making a clear, firm decision is critical, because it opens the floodgates to work on other projects. Selecting the RIGHT domain name means you can move forward with important business activities:

  • Create your website
  • Print your business card
  • Join networking groups
  • Promote your business via social media
  • Create a brochure or speaker one-sheet

Do you feel like the pressure is on?

You want to make a decision, so you can move forward. But you need to make the RIGHT decision. How can you narrow down the long list of choices? How can you select the BEST website address for your business? Wouldn’t it be nice to say, “It’s done”?



That’s why I created my workbook…

Nail Your Domain Name Workbook:
3 Steps to Select the BEST Website Address for Your Business

Hi I’m Patrice Rhoades-Baum, and I’ve guided hundreds of small business owners through this decision process.
A lot of people assume that selecting the BEST domain name (website address) for a business should be easy. In reality, there are a lot of obstacles. It’s NOT a simple task!

As a marketing consultant and branding expert, I team with small business owners all over the world who struggle with this same challenge.


They tell me:

  • “Once I select the website address, it’s practically permanent. I’ll be printing brochures, business cards, etc. I’m afraid I’ll make the wrong choice. I’ll be using that website address for years.”
  • “Someone else owns the perfect domain name.”
  • “The ONE website address I want just isn’t available.”
  • “I feel so stuck! This is holding me back from creating my website and printing business cards.”
  • “I’m confused by all the options: .net, .org, .guru, .online, and so forth.”
  • “I’m getting advice from friends and family. But their advice is all over the board! I’m really torn about what to do. I’m not sure how to move forward.”
  • “Why is this so hard? Why can’t I make this simple decision?”
  • “The website address I want is for sale – for a LOT of money! I’m just starting my business. I can’t afford to fork over a ton of money for a domain name.”
  • “Every time a potential website address pops into my head, I buy it. I probably have several domain names I’ll never use. I have to renew them annually, and the cost is really adding up. I’m getting my business off the ground and can’t afford to waste money.”


Why should you listen to me?

I’ve been a Marketing & Branding Consultant for decades. When it comes to websites, I LOVE teaming with small business owners to “get it done!”

I’ve been a project manager for websites – and have been writing content for websites – since the early days of the Internet. I’m backed by a 35-year marketing career, which includes 25 years of high-tech corporate marketing. I’ve worked on hundreds of websites including two Hewlett-Packard websites with budgets exceeding $250,000.

For more than a decade, I’ve specialized in working with solopreneurs and other small business owners on branding, marketing, and writing content for their websites. As part of the process, we discuss options and select the BEST domain name for their business

Patrice and Jake

Patrice and her dog Jake near their home in Colorado.

Back in the early days of the Internet, selecting and buying the PERFECT domain name was fairly easy. The perfect website address was there for the taking. But it’s not easy anymore. Most likely, the perfect domain name for your business simply is not available.

Don’t worry, I have the solution. In my workbook, you get the benefit of my decades of consulting experience with so many different business owners. I know it’s frustrating, and I know the pressure is on. You need to get it done – and I’m here to help you. In this workbook, I’ll walk you through my step-by-step process to select the BEST domain name for your business. You’ll gain clarity, take action, and take a BIG STEP forward.

My goal is to help you get this done! Let’s cross this task off your to-do list. Then you can get out and do something you love!


Here’s what you get:

  • 25-page workbook, focused on ensuring you gain clarity, take action, and get it done – You’ll get down-to-earth advice based on my decades as a marketing professional, website project manager, and website copywriter. You’ll get guidance – and you gain the clarity – to make the BEST choice. And you’ll overcome any fears about making the wrong decision.
  • 11 “mini case study” examples – You’ll find that you can gain a lot of insight from other business situations that might be like your own.
  • Worksheets with step-by-step instructions – You’ll follow easy-to-use worksheets that walk you through the process to brainstorm options, select the top contenders that are available, and choose the BEST domain name for your business. You will clearly answer the question: Which domain name should I buy and use?
  • 13 Bonus Tips – You’ll get specific nuts-and-bolts advice about what to do AND what not to do. As an example, here’s Bonus Tip #6:


Bonus Tip #6.
Make it clear, not cryptic.

Do you have a favorite phrase that’s meaningful to you – and that you’re thinking about using as a website address? Does it have personal meaning or is it industry jargon? Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes – would they have a clue what your clever website address means? Does it clearly communicate something about your business, product, or service? Be honest. If the phrase is not clear to your prospective customers, you need to focus on selecting a domain name that is clear, not cryptic.

Here’s an example:


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Here’s what some of my clients say:

Suzanne Smith, PMA Gold-Certified Pilates Instructor
“When I moved my studio, I needed to make a lot of decisions about my business. Patrice’s branding process helped me gain clarity about the unique service I offer my clients. The process helped me on such a personal level, it brings tears to my eyes. Next, Patrice and her team did a beautiful job creating my new logo, writing the website content, and designing an entirely new website. Now, when the phone rings, people have perused the website and are ready to sign up – without needing to visit the studio and meet me in person. I don’t have to sell myself anymore! Patrice, you have had a profound effect on my life, and I am deeply grateful.”



Suzanne Arkle Wilson, President, Zann & Associates, Inc.
“Developing a new, professional website was the best thing I could have done to grow my business. You led me through every detail: domain name, target audience, key messages to convey. And the website content you wrote is right on the money. This process and the professional results have inspired me to think more broadly. Thanks to Patrice Rhoades-Baum, I have a burst of energy and pride!” 




Troy Allen, Owner, Full Spectrum Building
“Patrice, I was just thinking about how far we’ve come with the business, including the branding and website copy you wrote. I am so thankful you were involved in the process. Every week we get good leads (qualified prospects) coming through our website. These people are ready to move forward with their construction and remodeling projects. We appreciate everything you’ve done for us – you have a very happy customer.”




This is a workbook you will use.
It’s all yours for $29.

BONUS PACKAGE: You also receive these “testimonial” bonuses:

With my guidance, you can immediately begin to collect and publish great testimonials on your products or services.

1. TIP SHEET: 5 ways to ask for (and get) great customer testimonials

2. CHECKLIST: How to edit testimonials to ensure they are professional and add value




“What if I don’t like it?”

You’re free to try this workbook for 30 days and see what you think. Honestly, I think you’re going to find:no risk offer

  • You’ll get guidance to make a strategic decision – If you’re like most people, you are afraid you’ll make the wrong choice. You’ll appreciate getting solid, grounded guidance based on decades of experience so you can make the RIGHT choice.
  • Instead of feeling confused and stuck, you can tackle important activities – So many things hinge on selecting a domain name, even something as simple as printing business cards! Feel confident you’re making the RIGHT choice, then move forward with your business card, brochure, and website.
  • You’ll get clear, you’ll get it done, and you’ll take a BIG STEP forward – You’ll get guidance to select the BEST domain name for your business. Then you can address the next project on your list … or reward yourself and go do something you love!
  • You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck – I don’t shop a lot, but when I find something that I know will be useful to me – and it’s less than 30 bucks – then I know I’ll get a lot of value without busting my budget. I’ll bet you feel the same way too.

If it turns out you don’t agree, I will happily refund your payment. All I ask is that you give the workbook a sincere try. Just email me within 30 days of your purchase. Tell me that you have read the advice I’ve shared – and that you’ve taken time to step through the workbook’s exercises – and let me know that this workbook did not work for you.

Ready to get it done?

Just click the button below – you’ll receive a link to download the entire workbook, plus the Bonus Package.

“Yes, I want to select the BEST domain name for my business.”

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Brian Dennis, Keynote Speaker, Author & Customer Service Innovator

“Patrice Rhoades-Baum is an incredible brand expert but an even more amazing listener. She asked the right questions, challenged appropriately and ultimately delivered my brand in a manner that exceeded my expectations. She advocated that brand in a very consistent manner – starting with selecting my new website address. (I initially had selected a cryptic website address that everyone disliked.) Patrice also wrote copy for my new website and speaker one-sheet – the content is clear and on-target. What I love about Patrice is her contagious enthusiasm and her ability to visualize what does not exist but soon turns into brilliance. Today, when meeting planners call me, they’re ready to hire me.”



P.S. You could put this off, but then you would still be stuck.

You need to get your business off the ground. It’s time to select the BEST domain name for your business. Then you can print your business cards and create your website.

And you know how time flies! You could easily be sitting here weeks or months from now – still stuck. Imagine how good you will feel when this task is done!

Download your workbook and get started now.

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