Meeting Planner: Enlighten your group with the Thought Leader who has “cracked the code” on Small-Biz Branding!

“Ah-ha! That makes sense. Now I understand…” You can practically see the light bulbs illuminating above the audience during Patrice Rhoades-Baum’s presentations, thanks to her simple, lucid explanation of branding for small businesses.

In her highly customized keynotes, breakout sessions, and workshops, Patrice clears the fog, offers insight, and inspires solopreneurs and small business owners to shine as the experts they are.

Presentation description:
“Nail Your Brand! A 5-Step System to Brand Your Business”

Many small business owners struggle with their elevator pitch, have outdated websites, and rely on “home-grown” brochures. Lacking a brand, their marketing tools are not polished, clear, or strategic. Simply put, they don’t get results!

Patrice presents at NSA Convention in Philadelphia, 2013

Patrice Rhoades-Baum presents at the National Speakers Association annual convention.

Patrice Rhoades-Baum has “cracked the code” for small-biz branding. In this educational and inspiring presentation, she explains why it’s critical to clarify your brand – whether you’re starting a new business or you’re eager to take your successful business to the next level. Plus, Patrice shares her step-by-step Nail Your Brand!™ system, specifically created for solopreneurs and small business owners.

Audiences will learn:

  • What is a brand? – You gain a clear understanding of branding for small businesses.
  • Why is it important to clarify my brand? – The branding process clarifies your target markets and what they need, which enables you to focus your marketing messages and strategies.
  • How do I clarify my brand? – The step-by-step Nail Your Brand!™ system empowers you to identify your unique Brand Elements™.
  • How does my brand impact my website? – Your brand serves as the foundation to create a strategic website and your marketing toolkit: speaker one-sheet or company brochure, business card, and letterhead.
  • How can I improve my elevator pitch? – Learn a simple process to nail your elevator pitch. Hint: When you clarify your brand, your elevator pitch will flow naturally!

Perfect for association conferences and chapter meetings for:

  • Professional speakers, corporate consultants, media consultants, business coaches, life coaches, counselors and therapists, and other solopreneurs and infopreneurs
  • All types of small businesses
  • Marketing, advertising, and public relations professionals who specialize in working with small businesses
  • Chambers of Commerce and other business groups


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Patrice, what a sensational home run to kick off our year. Our participants loved your energy, your interactive examples and your high content. Your ‘Nail Your Brand’ workshop was the perfect seed for the newbies and the perfect goose for those who need to rethink and morph what they currently have. The before-and-after technique was powerful. We definitely want you again! Thank you!”
– Judith Briles, Author U

I appreciated your authenticity – your realness. I really connected with you. In fact, I felt that you connected with everyone in the audience.”
– Workshop attendee

“You had the entire audience spellbound.”
– Workshop attendee


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