“Write Your Website Content” one-on-one coaching package

With guidance, you can write your own website content.
It will be clear and on-target. And it will be DONE! Let me help you . . .

Is your website content out-of-date, even embarrassing? Does it say what you need it to say? Are you toying with the idea of writing new website content – but have been procrastinating or feeling overwhelmed – because you just don’t know where to start?

Don’t be overwhelmed. I’ve simplified the process for you.

As a business owner, you know your website is your most powerful marketing and sales tool. It must be on-target. It must work hard for you. In fact, my clients tell me that this is one reason (of many) why they feel so overwhelmed by the prospect of writing their own website content.

Your on-target website content must:

  • Present your brand and key messaging
  • Ensure you shine as an expert in your niche
  • Address the needs of your target market
  • Clearly state the results and benefits your customers get
  • Compel prospects to connect with you, so you can build your list
  • Deliver leads (qualified prospects)
  • Promote and sell your products and services

That’s asking a lot! That’s why I offer this “Write Your Website Content” coaching package.

With guidance, your website CAN deliver everything it needs to. That’s why I offer an affordable “Write Your Website Content” one-on-one coaching package. In this 2-step coaching process, I’ll personally guide you to write your own website content.

You’ll understand how to write website copy that is clear and on-target, whether your goal is to update your current website or create an entirely new website.

I’ve simplified the process for you, so you won’t feel overwhelmed. And you will get it done!

Step #1: Together, we’ll create your Website Blueprint.

Would you build a new house without a blueprint? Probably not! Like a house, your website is a complex structure. Together, in a 1-hour coaching call (as part of this package), we’ll co-create your Website Blueprint.

I created this document from scratch many years ago, and have honed it over the years. It’s straightforward AND strategic.

Your Website Blueprint will offer tons of clarity for you AND for your website developer. Believe me, having a clear plan lays the foundation for a streamlined, cost-effective, hassle-free (even fun!) website design/development process.

Together, we’ll create this custom document by discussing:

  • Your business objectives for your website
  • Website navigation (site architecture) to showcase the specific products and services you offer
  • “Bells and whistles” – the features and functionality – such as blog, social media links, videos, opt-in boxes with lead magnets (giveaways), email newsletter, shopping cart, contact form or inquiry form, etc.
  • All domain names, redirects, and email addresses
  • And a lot more!

Step #2: With guidance, you’ll write your Website Content.

Clear, on-target content is at the heart of websites that deliver. For website copy to deliver qualified leads and sales, it must:

  • Be approached as marketing copy.
  • Address navigation, usability, and other website-specific strategies.
  • Emphasize benefits and results for your customers, rather than blandly discuss the business.

That’s why this coaching is so helpful – you get my personal guidance in one-one-one coaching calls, plus my proven tools. You’ll get the coaching, motivation, and the know how to write website copy that is clear and on-target. You’ll love my energizing process – and the results you get!

Briefly, here’s why you can trust my guidance…

I’ve been around the block.  :>  I’m backed by decades of marketing and website copywriting experience. In my 25-year, high-tech corporate marketing career, I was the team manager and copywriter for scores of business websites, including 2 Hewlett-Packard websites with $250,000 budgets. Plus, I wrote marketing copy for zillions of brochures, newsletters, ads, white papers – and even wrote a case study published in Fortune magazine.

In my 10+ years as a branding expert, marketing consultant, and expert copywriter, I’ve guided hundreds (yep, literally hundreds) of solopreneurs and small business owners to clarify their brand, then create strategic websites that deliver.

“Write Your Website Content” one-on-one coaching package
Here are the tools and guidance you get: 

  • “WEBSITE BLUEPRINT”: In a 1-hour coaching call, you and Patrice create your customized Website Blueprint together.
  • “DIVE-IN DOCUMENT,” A TEMPLATE TO WRITE YOUR CONTENT: Personally created by Patrice – and used by Patrice for her website writing projects – this amazing template simplifies your website writing project. This Dive-In Document provides the structure, along with written instructions and advice from Patrice on how to write website copy, page by page. It helps you dive in, because much of the work has already been done for you!
  • 3 COACHING CALLS: Three 1-hour coaching calls with Patrice (one-on-one calls, once a week for 3 weeks) regarding how to write website copy: get direction, advice, answers to your questions, and a healthy dose of motivation!
    • Video: “The power of clarity”
    • Video: “Use the easy itch-and-scratch approach when writing website copy and marketing content”
    • Instructional Article: “How to write website content: Patrice’s favorite tips from decades as a professional copywriter”
    • Instructional Article: “Get customer testimonials: 5 ways to ask for – and get – GREAT testimonials”
    • Instructional Article: “Checklist: How to edit testimonials to ensure they are professional and add value
    • Instructional Article: “Get qualified leads from your website by transforming your contact form into an inquiry form”
    • Instructional Article: “12-point checklist to systematically review your new or updated website before it goes live”
    • Instructional Article: “How to create a Project Plan: Step-by-step instructions to get your project done” (a useful tool for your website writing project!)
    • Template Form: Patrice’s personal Project Plan template
  • AFFORDABLE PRICE: This robust “Write Your Website Content” one-on-one coaching package is only $800.

You can start right now. This is a proven process to guide you to write clear, on-target content for your website. You’ll love this high-energy, results-oriented approach to write your website copy!

No more procrastinating! This is the place to start.
With Patrice’s guidance, you CAN write your own website content.
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