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Presenting to the DTC-Colorado Business Women: An unexpected adventure!

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum

Three gals


“What? They’re not going to feed us?!” Disappointment and hunger flashed across the face of every woman who had just arrived for the February lunchtime program of the DTC-Colorado Business Women.

The restaurant’s hot-water heater had malfunctioned and, by law, they could not serve food. The staff even swept through, table by table, and took away our water and iced tea!

Patrice facilitates

Jumping into action, the group’s Board Members reorganized the agenda and, finally, had the good fortune to announce that lunch would be served after all!

The atmosphere instantly shifted from “disappointed” to “delirious.” (The delirium may have been part joy, part hunger.)  :>

There was lots of energetic interactivity during my lunchtime “Nail Your Brand” presentation. Throughout, I was rewarded
with many heads nodding in understanding.

Interactive exercise

A special shout-out to the Board Members of the DTC-CBW who handled the topsy-turvy program with panache. And thanks to all the ladies who came to the program and participated! 




All photos by Patty Howe, Patty’s Pet Photography. Patrice presents to group
Thank you Patty!








Mark your calendar! Join my free webinar on February 25 or February 27

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


“6 Shockingly Simple Ways to Produce Products and Promote Your Biz!”
A free webinar with Mary Walewski and Patrice Rhoades-Baum

Mark your calendar to attend this FREE webinar, specifically created for solopreneurs – those who speak, coach, consult, and author books.

Calendar--Feb 25 & 27--3x2 inches--72dpiRegister now for this information-packed webinar that I’ll be presenting with Mary Walewski, a “you-can-do-it” social media expert for small business. We are offering this live webinar twice; mark your calendar to attend one or both!

Be sure to register even if you can’t attend a live call – everyone who registers will receive a recording.



“6 Shockingly Simple Ways to Produce Products and Promote Your Biz!”

  • Blog your ebook
  • How to get excited about blogging (and actually do it!)
  • Turn your tweets or Facebook posts into tip sheets, blog posts, and more
  • Grab excerpts from your book to quickly create tip sheets, workbooks, and blog posts
  • 10 tips to refresh and re-ignite your email newsletter
  • How to use your products – fee or free?

LENGTH: 1 hour


          Tuesday, Feb 25, 11:00 am MT
          (this is 10:00 am PT  /  12:00 pm CT   /  1:00 pm ET)

          Thursday, Feb 27, 3:00 pm MT
          (this is 2:00 pm PT  /  4:00 pm CT   /  5:00 pm ET)






Ready to make a big impact this year? Register for these 2 February programs

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


Want to make a BIG IMPACT this year? Want to clarify your brand? Want to make your website work hard for you? 

Then mark your calendar and register today for 2 information-packed presentations in February. Join my Feb 12 lunchtime presentation on branding – and my Feb 15 workshop focusing on strategies for a hardworking website.


Wednesday, February 12
DTC-Colorado Business Women
“Nail Your Brand: Get clear, get moving, feed your family!”

A lunchtime presentation with Patrice Rhoades-Baum

When someone asks THAT question – “What do you do?” – do you hem and haw? Think for a minute? Sputter out a laundry list of services? Here’s the key: Clarify your brand, and your elevator pitch will flow naturally. Plus, you can ensure “what you do” clearly resonates in your website and marketing tools. Do this, and you have built a solid foundation – or launchpad! – to promote and grow your business. Join us to step through a simple process to clarify your brand. Then you can ensure “what you do” is crystal clear in your website, brochure, and even your elevator pitch!

Join a vibrant group of gals for this fun and informative lunchtime presentation!


Saturday, February 15
Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA)
“Sell Your Book with a Hardworking Marketing Website!”

A fun, interactive workshop with Patrice Rhoades-Baum

Learn strategies and tips to make sure your website works hard to sell your book and build your brand. We’ll look at different websites and learn what they are doing right and wrong. Plus, CIPA members will have an opportunity to get feedback and advice on their own websites!

Patrice presents a workshop in January 2014.

Patrice presents a workshop in January 2014.

This 2-hour workshop will focus on branding, clear messaging, using the right call-to-action, and important features like a blog and opt-in box to build your list, sell your services, and sell your books!








A shout-out to Author U

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


lightbulb-smallA big “THANK YOU” to Judith Briles and Author U members who attended my “Nail Your Brand!” workshop last Saturday. What a great group!

It was a fun day, with lots of participation and interaction. Plus, there were lots of “lightbulb” moments while attendees completed worksheets and discussed the unique value they offer – and the specific benefits and results their clients and readers get.

After our workshop, Author U founder Judith Briles wrote a blog article, noting, “Time after time, authors are asked about their books – they go on in perpetuity. They are asked about what they do; what their expertise is; what their books are about – they go on in perpetuity. Stop it. This is a critical part of your work as an author. It is the core of your brand, your authoring business. As Patrice Rhoades-Baum says, ‘Don’t be ooshie-gooshie with your words!’ ” (Read full article.)

Patrice presenting to AuthorU Jan 2014--small


Patrice, what a sensational home run to kick off our year. Our participants loved your energy, your interactive examples and your high content. Your “Nail Your Brand” workshop was the perfect seed for the newbies and the perfect goose for those who need to rethink and morph what they currently have. The before-and-after technique was powerful. We definitely want you again! Thank you!”

– Judith Briles, Author U



Mark your calendar: Upcoming workshops and webinars

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


Patrice presents at NSA Convention in Philadelphia, 2013

Patrice presents at the NSA Convention in Philadelphia, 2013

Join other small business owners, authors, and infopreneurs (professional speakers, corporate consultants, business coaches) for my upcoming Denver-based workshops. Located elsewhere? Be sure to join my free webinar on February 25 or 27.

Take a minute to mark your calendar!

December 14 – NSA Colorado Speakers Academy
This 1/2-day workshop focuses on creating your brand, website, and speaker one-sheet. (Open only to CSA registrants; click to learn more about CSA.)

January 11 – AuthorU
Watch for details on this morning workshop: “Nail Your Brand!™ A 5-Step System to Brand Your Business.” (Click for details and to register.)

February 12 – DTC-Colorado Business Women
Join a vibrant group of gals for this lunchtime presentation: “It’s Time to Nail Your Brand!” (Registration info to come.)

February 15 – Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA)
Plan to join this fun, interactive 2-hour workshop: “Sell Your Book with a Hardworking Marketing Website.” (I’ll share registration details as soon as they’re available.)

February 25 and 27 – Free webinar
I am co-presenting this webinar with Mary Walewski, an expert in social media marketing for small business. We are in early planning stages and considering discussing strategies for your opt-in box, blog, and email newsletter to ensure you capture leads, stay top of mind, build your list, and grow your business. (Registration details to come.)



Colorado Speaker Academy: I’m proud to be “faculty” again this year

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


Microphone & stoolIf you’re looking to enhance your career or small business by becoming a polished professional speaker, I strongly encourage you to check out this year’s Colorado Speaker Academy (CSA), offered by NSA/Colorado.

I am honored to be, once again, leading a workshop to guide participants to “Nail Your Brand.” My workshop is in early December, one of the foundational, strategic activities participants will tackle in this year’s CSA program.

The 2013-2014 Colorado Speakers Academy launches in early November and wraps up in late February. Ongoing activities include one-on-one mentoring and coaching with professional speakers.

Highlights of this year’s curriculum:

  • Your marketing toolkit: Brand, elevator pitch, speaker one-sheet, and website (presented by yours truly)
  • The art and science of storytelling
  • Using innovation to stand out from the crowd
  • The essential business roadmap to social media and mobile marketing
  • Product development
  • Platform/stage skills

If you’re interested, click to check out the details. But don’t wait — seats are limited, and there are only a few left!



Nail your brand. Get clear. Get moving. Feed your family.

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum
Patrice presents at NSA Convention in Philadelphia, 2013

Patrice presents at NSA Convention in Philadelphia, 2013


At this year’s NSA Convention in Philadelphia, one theme truly resonated: As business owners, we need to get energized, get clear, and get moving to take our business to the next level.

In fact, I stressed this point in my “Nail Your Brand” presentation at the NSA Convention: “Clarify your brand, and get your business moving forward. You have a family to feed.”

I didn’t rehearse this phrase; I say it naturally, because I thoroughly believe it.

Remarkably, the presenter who stepped onto the stage immediately after me emphasized this exact point as well! He spoke on marketing activities that get speakers booked. He underscored that you need to focus on what works, adding: You have a family to feed.

Whether it’s clarifying your brand, updating or revamping your website, polishing your speaker one-sheet, identifying specific marketing strategies to pursue, or other activities for your small business, it always comes down to this:

Gain clarity. Move forward. Feed your family. 

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I believe when you clarify your brand, you build the foundation — or launchpad! — to create a strategic website and marketing toolkit. Armed with this hardworking toolkit, you can implement key promotion/outreach strategies. You can literally REACH OUT to your ideal clients.

You will move forward, grow your business, and feed your family.