Jumping on the “soapbox”: My Branding interview on David Jackson’s Free Marketing Tips Blog

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


Recently, I had the honor and pleasure of being interviewed by David Jackson, a prominent marketing consultant based in New York. In his Free Marketing Tips Blog, David offers tips to teach small business owners how to promote their business. Plus, he features interviews with other experts on a wide range of strategic marketing and business topics.

In our interview, David encouraged me to jump on my branding soapbox! He asked a number of great questions about branding and, in particular, branding as it relates to solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Because he consults with small business owners, his questions were insightful and pertinent to this group.

For example, he asked why branding is important for small businesses. My response: “I believe a clear, on-target brand helps you quickly tell your prospects what they get. … For example, when someone lands at your website they immediately see key messages that let them know they’re in the right place — that they’ll get the help they’re looking for. On the other hand, if your brand is confusing, if prospects can’t immediately see that they’re in the right place, then CLICK, they’re gone!”

Speaking of clicking, CLICK HERE to read my interview with David Jackson.

While you’re at David’s Free Marketing Tips Blog, take a few minutes to check out other articles written by David and his guests. Over the years, David’s blog has acquired a wealth of guidance, ideas, and advice for small business owners. I encourage you to tap into this wealth to promote and grow your business!

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