Do you need brand colors?

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


Example color palettes


Do you have brand colors for your business?
Do you need brand colors?

Recently, a client asked if we should select a color palette before our designer creates the new logo.

My philosophy on brand colors for solopreneurs is more organic than for corporations.

Corporate design firms invest a great deal of time creating a brand color palette and style sheets, which ad agencies must strictly follow.

For solopreneurs, arriving at brand colors is an easy, fun, and organic process!

I believe two Brand Elements™ dictate brand colors for solopreneurs:

  • Your photo
  • Your logo

To create a logo for the client I mentioned, our designer will leverage the colors in his photo – including his striking blue eyes! This is VERY different from corporate branding!

In my “Nail Your Brand” process, I don’t force color choices. I rely on a good designer to create a logo or website design – a design with colors that (1) complement the solopreneur’s photo and (2) help to convey the brand’s message. For example, the logo for a technology consultant may present cool colors whereas the logo for a life coach might dictate vibrant colors.

Why do some branding experts emphasize color palette?

Because their branding approach is based on design. For example, many designers and branding companies believe “new logo = new brand.”

Instead, we must first clarify fundamental marketing concepts about you and your business.

My “Nail Your Brand” process pivots on my belief that we must clarify:

  • Who you are
  • What you doCopyright Patrice Rhoades-Baum
  • What they get – the benefits and results your clients receive

Next, we turn to a professional logo designer and photographer to work their magic.

This is an organic process, yet a surprisingly strategic process.

Teaming with the photographer and logo designer, we hold in-depth discussions about your clothing styles and colors, indoor versus outdoor shots, and even your eye color!

The result?

  • You get a professionally designed logo that hits the mark (and that you love)
  • You get a GREAT shot, not a headshot
  • You get brand colors!


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