Are you operating at the 10,000-foot level? Or are you lost in the weeds?

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Sedona view--photo by Michael Baum


Thoughts for the New Year …

At this time of the “rolling year” (as Charles Dickens would say), we start thinking about goals to promote and grow our business.

It’s a good time to step up to the 10,000-foot level (the strategic level).

When guiding clients to clarify their brand, I’ll often say, “Let’s go up to the 10,000-foot level.” Stepping up to a strategic level helps us change our viewpoint, gain a wider perspective, and take the long view.


Flowers by San Juan River--Photo by PRBMeanwhile, I’ve been hearing the phrase “Don’t get lost in the weeds.”

I like the juxtaposition of these two concepts. Clearly, if you’re lost in the weeds, you lose perspective. Up-close tasks may be perfectly clear, but long-term goals (and the path to get there) may be out of focus.

How can you climb up to the strategic level for your business? Set a theme for 2014.

When thinking about promoting and growing your business, one way to step up to the 10,000-foot level is to set a theme for the new year. A theme can be a powerful touchstone, always at your fingertips.

For 2013, my theme was “LEAP Year!” And was it ever! Those two words drove a lot of risk-taking, decision-making, and accomplishments. Highlights include going live with my new website, speaking at the NSA National Convention in Philadelphia, and presenting more “Nail Your Brand” workshops here in Colorado.

For 2014, my theme has gelled into “Allow Time” – for more creativity, new ideas, and plenty of adventure!

What’s your theme for 2014?

I invite you to comment below, and share your theme.


Top photo: “Patrice enjoys long sightlines near Sedona, Arizona,” photo by Michael Baum.
Bottom photo: “Wildflowers at the San Juan River, Utah,” photo by Patrice Rhoades-Baum.



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  1. Andre van Hall says:

    Hello Patrice:
    Nice post. As I told you, my goal for this year is to launch my business. I need to get the word out that I am a speaker (I need branding, website, speaker one-sheet, etc.). I look forward to us working together.
    Andre van Hall