What do rattlesnakes and storytelling have in common?

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


As I present more “Nail Your Brand!” workshops, I continually seek to improve my storytelling abilities. While I don’t roll out a 20-minute signature story, I’m learning how to pepper in quick stories to support a point and perk up my presentation.

Photo by Patrice

Photo by Patrice

In one workshop, while supporting a particular point, I mentioned my love of hiking and rock scrambling in Utah in search of rock art and rattlesnakes.

At the mention of “rattlesnakes,” the entire group – EVERY PERSON – recoiled and shuddered. Comments flew around the room:

  • “No way! Not me!”
  • “Yuck! I hate snakes!”
  • “Those snakes can stay in Utah!”

It was great fun! A fresh burst of energy!

“Ah ha,” I thought, “I’m going to sprinkle that story into all my workshops.”

My lesson: Better storytelling = better speaking, better writing, and more fun!

Do you present keynotes or workshops? Do you write articles or author books? If you speak, consult, coach or write for a living, storytelling is a great skill to have.

Looking to improve your storytelling skills? Check out “Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling – Visualized.” We can all learn from these masters.

Pixar screen cap w-Pixar text

What’s your favorite, quick story – one that always gets a reaction?

Please share it – we’d love to hear it!


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