Slide Professional-quality marketing tools get results. Marketing Managers / Solopreneurs / Authors: Team with a powerhouse writer/editor. Slide Need website/SEO copy and other marketing tools? Compelling content throughout your marketing toolkit drives leads and revenue! Slide Writing a book? Content editing is an important piece of the puzzle. Slide Branding for Solopreneurs: Clarity is rocket fuel to grow your business. Experience the power of clarity! Slide Does your website content deliver? Don't leave them with questions! website, brochure, blog, or manuscript. Let's sharpen the message in your Does your copy "speak" to your readers?
Marketing & Branding Consultant |
Expert Writer & Editor

SOLOPRENEUR / AUTHOR: Are you ready to shine as an expert?

Are you embarrassed by an outdated website or “homegrown” one-sheet? Do you want to ensure your manuscript is clear and compelling?

The messaging for your website, book, or one-sheet must be crystal clear. If your brand message or theme is muddy, you won’t shine as an expert – and you won’t connect with prospects and readers.

Clarity is rocket fuel for your website, manuscript, and more.

Depending on your needs, we may start with a fast, results-driven process to clarify your brand message. Next, I’ll write new copy for your website or one-sheet (or polish existing content) as well as guide you through the design and development process. Are you writing a nonfiction book? Content editing is a critical piece of the puzzle. Let’s make your manuscript shine – without changing your voice.

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MARKETING MANAGER: Need website content and blog articles that inspire your prospects to take action?

Update your website with on-target SEO content and blog articles that deliver qualified leads.

Your website should be a hardworking marketing tool. Let’s make it work hard for you! I’m a seasoned interviewer, researcher, writer, and editor backed by 40 years of experience, including 25 years in high-tech corporate marketing. You can rely on me to tackle any topic – even technical subjects.

Make your website deliver with professionally written content:

* Website copy – Clear and compelling website copy promotes your products and services, including prominent CTAs to garner qualified leads.

* SEO content – Well-written content for search-engine optimization “speaks” to human readers as well as SEO robots.

* Monthly blog articles – Regular blog posts support your content-marketing strategy, SEO objectives, and lead-generation goals.

Contact Patrice today. Let’s bring in those leads!

Marketing & Writing Quick-Tip Videos

Humility vs. self-promotion – Marketing tips for solopreneurs

TIME: 3 minutes

LOCATION: Downtown Colorado Springs

THE KEY VIEWPOINT: I joined Katharine Lee Bates – who penned “America the Beautiful” in 1893 after summiting Pikes Peak by wagon and mule – to chat about this topic. :> Ironically, while we prize humility as a personal trait, you don’t want to be TOO humble when promoting yourself and your business. Here are marketing tips for solopreneurs to overcome 3 common stumbling blocks to forge a powerful brand and promote your business – without feeling like it’s shameless self-promotion!

Use the “Itch-and-Scratch” approach to write marketing copy

TIME: 2 minutes

LOCATION: Red Rock Canyon Open Space, Colorado Springs, Colorado

THE KEY VIEWPOINT: Use the time-tested and proven Itch-and-Scratch approach to write your marketing copy – especially website copy. And see what poison ivy looks like – remember, “leaves of three, let it be!”

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