A personal note from Patrice

My first layoff was in the early 1990s …

I was working in high-tech corporate marketing. I was caught in a sweeping Reduction In Force, with more than 200 employees laid off in one day. It was a “RIF,” but it felt like getting fired. It felt personal. And it stung.

Plus, we were escorted from the building by security – like criminals! – because the execs worried about potential sabotage. It was a devastating, humiliating experience, made worse by the fear of lost income.

Just a few days later, I attended a networking event, still stinging from the experience.

I had attended this organization’s lunchtime networking events for several years. These were my colleagues, my buddies. Every month, we took turns standing up and announcing our name, title, and place of work. Month after month, I had proudly proclaimed, “I’m Patrice Rhoades-Baum, Marketing Communications Manager for United Technologies Microelectronics Center.”

Now, just days after the layoff, I had nothing to announce. When it was my turn, I stood, shaking. My voice cracked as I simply stated, “I’m Patrice Rhoades-Baum.” You could’ve heard a pin drop.

What I learned from that experience…

I had invested too much of my self-esteem into the position I held. When it was stripped away, I felt lost and meaningless. I soon realized that my “important” title didn’t communicate who I REALLY was.

So here’s who I am…Michael Baum & Patrice Rhoades-Baum

  • I’m an avid hiker. Here in Manitou Springs, Colorado, the trails are practically right out our front door. In fact, I summited my first 14er (14,000-foot mountain peak) only 9 months after hip-replacement surgery.
  • My husband and I love roadtrips throughout the West and Southwest. Give me a vast stretch of road in a godforsaken desert, and I’m a happy camper. Literally!
  • I’m married to professional artist Michael Baum. We just celebrated our 35th anniversary. See his paintings at www.MichaelBaum.com
  • I “dig” archaeology. (Sorry, that’s a dusty, old pun.) I’m a Certified PAAC Scholar. PAAC stands for Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification.
  • I love adventure. I love snowshoeing in freshly fallen powder, scrambling up cliffs for a closer look at hard-to-reach petroglyphs, and squeezing through narrow slot canyons. I often say, “You know you’re having an adventure when you see a rattlesnake!”
  • I love the English language and the written word. Language connects us to each other. And the written word – particularly when it’s crisp, clear, and compelling – enables us to communicate virtually anything, from down-to-earth facts to awe-inspiring ideas.

Together, let’s tackle your next “adventure.”

Do you need brand messaging or compelling content for your website, one-sheet, brochure, or business blog? Are you looking for an editor for your nonfiction manuscript – someone who will make your story shine without changing your voice? I’m here to help. Let’s begin our adventure today!

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Patrice Rhoades-Baum
Marketing & BPatrice Rhoades-Baumranding Consultant | Expert Writer & Editor

A powerhouse business communicator, Patrice Rhoades-Baum teams with marketing managers and business owners to get results. They discover a streamlined process to clarify their brand message AND get on-target content for their website, speaker one-sheet, brochure, or business blog. And thanks to Patrice’s experience as a professional editor, authors of nonfiction manuscripts discover how content editing really makes their story shine.

Prior to launching her business in 2005, Patrice’s experience included 25 years of high-tech corporate marketing. She has managed big-budget advertising campaigns, direct-mail programs, and $100,000 tradeshow events.

As project manager, Patrice has led the development of innumerable business websites, large and small, including two Hewlett-Packard websites, each with a budget exceeding $250,000. An expert copywriter, Patrice has been published in Fortune magazine.

Patrice and her husband Michael Baum, a full-time professional artist, live in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Avid hikers, Patrice and Mike enjoy snowshoeing, backpacking, and exploring the West and Southwest.



  • Over 40 years of marketing, writing, and editing experience including 25 years in high-tech corporate marketing (primarily as Marketing Communications Manager) and 15 years as a business owner (Marketing & Branding Consultant | Expert Writer & Editor)
  • Published a business case study in Fortune magazine
  • Creator of the Nail Your Brand!™ system specifically designed for solopreneurs
  • Have written, edited, and published numerous articles, brochures, technical white papers, and nonfiction manuscripts for business books and personal memoirs
  • Project manager and copywriter for a substantial number of websites including 2 Hewlett-Packard websites, both with budgets exceeding $250,000
  • Marketing manager for big-budget advertising campaigns, direct-mail programs, and $100,000 tradeshow events
  • Previous board member of NSA-Colorado (Vice President of Operations/Secretary) and awarded NSA-Colorado’s “President’s Award” and “Sabah Award”
  • Previous board member of the International Association of Business Communicators/Pikes Peak Chapter (multiple leadership positions including President); recipient of the IABC District 5 Member of the Year Award and Chapter Member of the Year Award
  • Nearly 2 decades of volunteer positions with the Pikes Peak Chapter/Colorado Archaeological Society; recipient of the Chapter Achievement Award; Certified PAAC Scholar
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, University of South Dakota, with a minor in English