Brochures, One-Sheets & Other Marketing Collateral

Your brochure or one-sheet is a small (yet mighty) marketing tool!

Your company brochure, sell sheet, speaker one-sheet, or author one-sheet must be a hardworking marketing tool. To grab attention, it needs to be better than good – it needs to be great!

Unfortunately, most brochures and one-sheets miss the mark.

If you wantPatrice Rhoades-Baum provides on-target brochures and speaker one-sheets to be viewed as credible, details make the difference. Your company brochure or one-sheet cannot miss the mark. The content must clearly present the value you offer AND the benefits your prospects receive. The bottom line: The content must be clear, powerful, and on-target. 

Are you struggling to put together a professional-quality brochure that showcases your expertise?

If so, here are a few reasons why you might be struggling:

  1. You’re not clear about your brand message.
  2. You’re trying to write a short, clear elevator pitch but only coming up with long, confusing statements.
  3. You’re not clear about your target market and their needs, challenges, or desires.
  4. You find it challenging to briefly describe your products and services, let alone write “why buy from us” or “why hire me” competitive differentiators.
  5. You don’t have a professional logo or professional photo.
  6. You’re trying to create a “homegrown” design yourself – or with an assistant – instead of hiring a professional designer.
  7. All of the above.

It’s time to stop struggling. Let’s do this right.

Together, let’s step up the 10,000-foot level to clarify your brand message, your unique expertise, the value you offer to your target market, and (this is important) the benefits and results your customers get.

I’ll write the content for this important business tool, making sure it “speaks” to your target market and helps you generate qualified leads. Together, let’s ensure you shine as the expert you are!

Your company brochure, sell sheet, speaker one-sheet, or author one-sheet must hit the mark. Click HERE to schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation.



Rely on Patrice’s team for professionally designed marketing tools.

Too often, a company’s brochure, sell sheets, white papers, speaker one-sheets, and author one-sheets present a “homegrown” design. In other words, it’s clear that this marketing collateral was designed by the business owner or an assistant – and not by a professional designer.

My hand-selected team of preferred providers – designers and website developers – will create the polished, professional marketing tools you need to compete in today’s fiercely competitive world.

My preferred providers offer:

  • High-quality design for brochures, one-sheets, and other marketing collateral
  • Professionally designed custom logo and matching stationery package: business card, notecard, and letterhead (e-letterhead or printed)
  • Eye-catching book-cover designs as well as interior layout for your business book
  • Well-designed websites created by seasoned website developers with expertise in SEO best-practices

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