3 tips to get great customer testimonials

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


It’s critical to get great testimonials – and include them on your website – because this helps you win new customers.

But it can be challenging! Here are 3 ways to ask for (and get) great customer testimonials.

Tip #1: Jot down notes when customers rave, then write the testimonial for them.

If you’re on the phone with a customer and they comment about how much they like your product or service, grab a pen and start scribbling! You can polish their comments, email the testimonial to them, and ask permission to use it on your company website.

Tip #2: Call and ask for a testimonial, on the spot.

This tip is especially useful when you’re updating your website. Simply call your customers, explain that you’d love a testimonial, and ask if they have a minute. Just ask one or two questions, then type or write down what they say. Edit your notes into a brief testimonial.

Tip #3: Convert emailed comments into testimonials.

Customer thank-you notes make great testimonials! You may want to ask if you can publish their name on your website. Alternatively, just use their initials.



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