6 tips to make blogging fun and easy!

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


It’s a good idea to post regular blog articles to position your company as a leader, educate prospects and customers, and enhance your website’s SEO.

But do you feel like blogging is a chore?

Here are 6 ideas to make blogging fun and easy.

  1. Start a list of topic ideas – When inspiration hits, toss a scribbled note into a file.
  2. Keep the topic tightly focused – Long, cumbersome articles are no fun to write (and no fun to read).
  3. Recycle older and “evergreen” articles – Republish articles and case studies that are still relevant.
  4. Aim for a word count of 300 words – More is fine, but 300 words is a good goal.
  5. Include lighthearted topics – Personal-interest articles and photos such as employees volunteering in your community are a fun, rewarding way to connect with like-minded people who share similar interests, including prospective customers.
  6. Improve SEO with a plugin – This useful tool gives you step-by-step guidance to improve SEO, which helps you ensure your time is well-spent creating a hardworking blog post.



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