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Case study: New website copy for Omnia Health

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum

Omnia Health needed help with their website.

This functional medicine practice had grown significantly since its founding. The original website didn’t have enough information for new patients to understand the scope of what they offered. Plus, the look-and-feel no longer fit their practice and, with very few SEO keywords, they weren’t getting found.

They knew a robust website could help grow their practice and drive efficiencies.

Lauren Graphics – a fabulous boutique web/print design agency in metro Denver – asked me to join the team to help create an all-new, on-target website for Omnia Health. The doctor and staff wanted their new website to present:

  • A more thorough explanation of functional medicine
  • Clear statements regarding the particular types of chronic issues the practice can resolve for patients, so prospective patients could “self-qualify”
  • Their expanded services, with plenty of details to answer most people’s questions and reduce the number of calls
  • A thorough FAQs section to cut down on the number of calls
  • An updated “Meet the Team” section with more impactful bios
  • A case study section to show a track record of success resolving patient issues
  • A blog with regular articles to share advice, showcase their expertise, and improve SEO

Now, with a clear understanding of the “landscape,” it was time to get started.

To address all these needs, we started with my copywriting activity to capture the essence of their practice, put forth clear benefits, explain functional medicine, and organize the many details. I also included keywords to improve SEO.

While the copy was being written, the website designers/developers created a bright, attractive, and engaging design to convey the idea of health and wellbeing. As a team, we decided to expand the website to improve the user experience, making it easier to find the information that current and prospective patients need. Omnia’s doctor and staff were thrilled were their beautiful, hardworking website!

This successful practice will continue to grow. As the practice expands, it will be easy to expand the website to support their communication needs.


“Lauren Graphics and team – including Patrice Rhoades-Baum as our website copywriter – did a wonderful job with our website. They listened to our needs and delivered a beautiful and fully functioning website. We are so proud of our website and get many compliments on the design and how informative it is. The option for patients to sign up for a 15-minute consultation through our website has made a huge difference to our workflow. By adding an extensive FAQs page, patients have more information about how our practice works. This keeps their 15-minute consultation focused on their health concerns. The FAQs page also answers many questions, which prompts qualified leads to reach out and get on our schedule. Thank you, team, for listening to us and creating an amazing website!”

– Dr. Jacqui Pariset, Omnia Health, metro Denver, Colorado



Case study: Jofi Baldrich, Coach, Speaker & Author

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


Not long ago, Jofi Baldrich was a suit-and-tie executive in his family’s Puerto Rico-based insurance company. They sold the business, and he faced these questions for the first time:

– “What makes me happy?”
– “What do I really want to do with my life?”

He didn’t know the answers. Worse, Jofi realized that he had been living his entire life on cruise control!

Thanks to introspection, retreats, and coaching training, Jofi realized that he loves to help people. He decided to build a new career as a coach, so he could help people find meaning in their life. In addition, Jofi became a Certified Forum Facilitator for the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO).

Jofi was referred to me by Frances Rios, who is also based in Puerto Rico. I had teamed with Frances to clarify her brand and lead her new website project, and she knew I could do the same for Jofi. (See Frances’ case study.)

Jofi Baldrich website


Jofi needed to clarify his brand, plus he needed a complete marketing toolkit, including website

To begin, I guided Jofi through my “Nail Your Brand!” process to clarify the brand for his new coaching and speaking business. This included a new, fun, and lively logo created by a talented designer on my team, Lauren Klopfenstein.

Next, we addressed his website needs and determined the site map and more. I wrote the website copy, and our development team created the website design and programming.

We created other marketing tools including Jofi’s speaker one-sheet, developed specifically to promote his facilitation services for YPO/WPO, as well as the stationery package: business card, notecard, letterhead, and envelope.

Today, as a certified coach and facilitator, Jofi has the clarity and tools to promote his business. Plus, he has the training and genuine desire to help clients discover their own path, so they won’t live THEIR life on cruise control! 

View Jofi’s website
View Jofi’s speaker one-sheet



Case study: Debbie Leonard, Employee Engagement NOW

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum 1 Comment


Debbie Leonard--EmpEngagementNOW--mid size


An accomplished businesswoman, Debbie Leonard owned and managed a multimillion-dollar shopping village in New England, which specialized in custom furniture and home decor.

Backed by decades of hands-on leadership, Debbie decided to take a big step in her career – and a big leap of faith. She leveraged her expertise to step into a new role: Business consultant and speaker.

To pivot into her new career, Debbie had developed a big-picture vision of her consulting business, and she had acquired impressive business-coaching certifications. However, she was not 100% clear about her target audience. She was uncertain about her specialty or area of emphasis (her niche). And she lacked a crystal-clear benefit message or tagline.

From A to Z: Branding, logo, photo, website, and more

Debbie came to our team eager to create a solid foundation – or springboard – to launch her consulting and speaking business. We guided her through our processes to clarify her brand, design a beautiful and unique logo, and create impactful photos. In other words, important components, or Brand Elements™, required to create her marketing toolkit.

We leveraged all components to write, design, and program her new website and create her professional stationery package (business card, notecard, and envelope). Next, we will write and design her speaker one-sheet, also a key tool in her marketing toolkit.

Leaping forward with a professional, on-target marketing toolkit

An incredibly positive and powerful business advisor and visionary, Debbie Leonard has launched her consulting firm: Employee Engagement NOW. She is actively consulting with business owners and leaders to prepare for future workforce changes by sparking productivity today. Her specialty is guiding small to mid-size companies through proven steps to ignite employee engagement, create effective multigenerational teams, and develop next-generation leaders.

Debbie Leonard is fearless, focused, and armed with on-target marketing tools. I’m confident she can conquer any challenge as she grows her new consulting and speaking business!

Visit Debbie Leonard’s new website at



How to select the right photo, logo or cover design: A case study

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


The challenge:

  • Your designer gave you 12 logos – you need to pick ONE.
  • Your photographer gave you 50 photos – you need to choose ONE.
  • Your book designer gave you 3 different cover designs – you need to select ONE.

How do you choose the best one – the right one?

The solution: Start by clarifying the communication goals

When selecting a graphic of any kind, don’t simply judge it by “like” or “dislike.” If you do, everyone you ask could choose a different image – it’s human nature. Instead, start by clarifying the communication goals. Then select the image that best supports the goals.

Let’s look at a case study

My good friend Barbara McNichol needed a photo for marketing materials for her “How to Strengthen Everything You Write” Wordshops™. She and the photographer narrowed the shots to 8 finalists. Barbara asked friends to vote on their favorite – nearly everyone chose a different photo!

Barbara and I decided we needed an objective (not subjective) approach. We followed 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Clarify the communication goals

We agreed the selected photo must present Barbara as:

  • A savvy business expert
  • A confident guide and mentor
  • Approachable, warm, friendly, and personable

Barbara--with book

Step 2. Identify the images that don’t fully support the goals

For example, this photo of Barbara says quiet, introverted, and distant. (She is looking away, into the distance.) In addition, the cool, concrete wall doesn’t convey warmth. Finally, I believe the book implies librarian or college professor, not savvy business expert. While this is a very nice picture, it doesn’t fully support the communication goals.


Barbara--looking at viewer

Step 3. Select the image that best meets the goals

In this photo, Barbara’s pose is strong, her gaze is direct, and her facial expression is warm, friendly, and sparkling with personality. Plus, the background is colorful, inviting, and contemporary. This photo says dynamic, confident business expert.



It’s not about “like” or “dislike” – it’s about supporting the goals

Keep in mind, we liked both photos. After spelling out the communication goals, the best photo – the right photo – was easy to choose.


Thanks to Barbara McNichol for allowing me to share her experience, Photography by Purple Nickel Studio,



Case Study:

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


On New Year’s Day, I resolved that 2013 would be my LEAP Year! By teaming with small business owners for 8 years, I have “cracked the code” on micro-biz branding. My goal is to step up as the Thought Leader on branding for solopreneurs.

The first order of business?
My website needed a significant update and facelift. 

To ensure a solid foundation – or a launchpad! – I stepped through my Nail Your Brand™ system, just as I do when guiding clients to clarify their brand.

Here are my Brand Elements 

Before: Patrice Rhoades-Baum, Branding & Website Expert
After: Patrice Rhoades-Baum, Marketing Consultant & Branding Expert

Before: Let Your Expertise Shine!™
After: Shine as an Expert. Step up as a Thought Leader.™

Before & After:

Patrice Rhoades-Baum

Patrice Rhoades-Baum

The result?

Yours truly believes this new website is more strategic, on-target and dynamic, thanks to starting with a clear brand. What do you think? CLICK TO VISIT.

Before & After:




Case Study: Bill Young, Consultant, Speaker & Author

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum

Denver business leader needed new brand, website, and marketing tools to launch new business

An accomplished business and community leader, Bill Young has created and sold businesses, is spearheading efforts to raise millions of dollars to fund a healthcare start-up company, and has led teams of volunteers to raise millions for Denver-based charities.

Given his expertise in raising funds for non-profit organizations and start-up businesses, Bill decided to create a consulting and speaking business to share his fundraising expertise and generate revenue. To launch his new business venture, he turned to our team for a brand, website, stationery materials, and book design.

First, Patrice Rhoades-Baum teamed with Bill to clarify his new company’s services and understand his target audience’s significant challenges. They distilled the top benefit message into a tagline that reflects both the value he provides and the results his clients receive: Inspiring you to raise more funds & achieve your vision.

In addition, Patrice created a longer “descriptive tagline,” which also serves as Bill’s elevator pitch: Inspiring entrepreneurs and not-for-profit leaders to create relationships, raise more funds, and build a great organization.

After creating this brand foundation, the team tackled multiple projects simultaneously:

  • Bill and Patrice selected a domain name:
  • Our team’s designers created his new logo, the stationery package (business card, letterhead, envelope), and the cover designs and interiors of Bill’s two new books.
  • Meanwhile, Patrice wrote Bill’s website copy, and our team’s programmer designed and developed his new website.

Bill is ecstatic about the results. This marketing and collateral package creates a solid foundation – truly a launchpad – for his new business. “Your team was fantastic,” Bill says. “Your process made it easy for me to connect my new brand, content, and service options, keeping all assets consistent. More important, this will help me create revenue.”


Case Study: Blair Tindall, Speaker & Author

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum

Creative talent wanted to promote new speaking business and other creative ventures

Author, speaker, and professional musician Blair Tindall needed a website, speaker one-sheets, and other marketing materials to launch her professional speaking business: Flair For Genius. In addition, her new brand and website would need to support other creative endeavors, such as a TV show she hopes to launch in which she explores world music.


  • Patrice Rhoades-Baum created Blair’s tagline, a critical element of her new brand that distills the top benefit message for her speaking business: “Find where you shine & discover your genius.” Plus, we created a logo that beautifully complements her new tagline.
  • Next, Patrice wrote website copy that resonates with her top benefit message and includes hardworking marketing features.
  • The team wrote and designed 3 speaker one-sheets for Blair, directed to her 3 target audiences.
  • In addition, we created a stationery package (business card, letterhead, envelope) to support her networking and marketing activities.

True to her business name, Blair’s professional speaking business is taking off with flair! She’s booking national keynote presentations, while pursuing her other creative endeavors.


Case Study: Jonathan Bowman, Attorney & Speaker

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum

To launch speaking business, attorney needed to bring his new brand to life

When Jonathan Bowman, Esq., came to our team, he had selected the name of his new company: Clear Picture Leadership. However, he needed a website, speaker one-sheet, and marketing materials that would communicate his leadership expertise and help him launch his speaking career.

Jonathan’s speaking business has a unique twist, which needed to be conveyed visually and in the copy. As a professional photographer, he uses his captivating photos in presentations to help communicate his leadership concepts.


  • Our team identified Jonathan’s key benefit message for leaders: “Create a bold, clear-picture vision that inspires others.” We wrote the copy for his new website, ensuring it resonated with this message.
  • Our team created a new logo, wrote copy for his speaker one-sheet, and designed the one-sheet.
  • Next, we created his new website, with a design that features Jonathan’s photography.
  • In addition, we created a marketing postcard and stationery package (business card, letterhead, and envelope).

Jonathan launched his speaking business from a solid foundation: a clear brand, strategic website, polished speaker one-sheet, and professional marketing materials. He notes: “This is an extremely talented team. I’m very pleased about the professional quality of my website and marketing materials.”


Case Study: Cecilia Izquierdo, Author

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum

Author needed website and blog to promote her book – and to support others

The Situation
The days following the tragic death of Cecilia Izquierdo’s young son were numbing and fog-like. Soon, she began discovering signs that her son was still with her, and was in peace. As she opened her heart to these signs, she found comfort on her journey of healing.

Through her book, Cecilia shares her story of loss, understanding, and peace – her journey of healing – with the hope of helping others who are mourning the loss of a loved one. She shares this simple message: Death is not the end of life; it simply marks a change in our existence.

To support Cecilia’s journey to publish her book and share her message, our team:

  • Created the cover design and layout for her book, Signs from Heaven.
  • Wrote her website copy.
  • Designed and developed a website that promotes and sells her book.
  • Created a blog to enable her to have supportive conversations with others who are in mourning.

“I enjoyed working with this team,” Cecilia shared. “I’m very pleased with how Patrice captured my thoughts and feelings to write the right message for my website. And I’m thrilled with my website design – it’s beyond beautiful! I couldn’t have asked for more!”



Case Study: Diana Repko, Life Coach

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum

Life coach propels her business to the next level

When Diana Repko came to our team, she was bursting to expand her business to fulfill her vision: Create a sophisticated life-coaching business with nationwide presentations and workshops, weekend retreats, and a select coaching clientele.

However, she had not yet created a company name, clarified her top benefit messages, identified her target audience, or clarified other essential elements for a powerful brand and compelling marketing materials.

Diana needed our help! She requested our complete branding and marketing communications package.


  • First, Patrice Rhoades-Baum teamed with Diana to create a new tagline for her brand: Conscious evolution for life!™ We also brainstormed business names that would communicate her vision, yet wouldn’t box her in as her business grew. We selected: Inner Change Enterprises.
  • Next, we created a logo that communicates “evolution” and subtly reflects a meditation labyrinth, which is important in Diana’s work.
  • These elements – her tagline, company name, and logo – laid a solid foundation for Diana’s brand. Next, Patrice wrote copy for Diana’s speaker one-sheet and website; the team designed and printed her business card and letterhead (stationery package), and speaker one-sheet; and the team designed and developed her new website.

As we moved through the branding, copywriting, and logo design stages, we helped Diana clarify her target audience and benefit messages – and even her 4-stage coaching process. As a result, the on-target website and marketing tools are helping Diana grow her business and achieve her vision.