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An accomplished businesswoman, Debbie Leonard owned and managed a multimillion-dollar shopping village in New England, which specialized in custom furniture and home decor.

Backed by decades of hands-on leadership, Debbie decided to take a big step in her career – and a big leap of faith. She leveraged her expertise to step into a new role: Business consultant and speaker.

To pivot into her new career, Debbie had developed a big-picture vision of her consulting business, and she had acquired impressive business-coaching certifications. However, she was not 100% clear about her target audience. She was uncertain about her specialty or area of emphasis (her niche). And she lacked a crystal-clear benefit message or tagline.

From A to Z: Branding, logo, photo, website, and more

Debbie came to our team eager to create a solid foundation – or springboard – to launch her consulting and speaking business. We guided her through our processes to clarify her brand, design a beautiful and unique logo, and create impactful photos. In other words, important components, or Brand Elements™, required to create her marketing toolkit.

We leveraged all components to write, design, and program her new website and create her professional stationery package (business card, notecard, and envelope). Next, we will write and design her speaker one-sheet, also a key tool in her marketing toolkit.

Leaping forward with a professional, on-target marketing toolkit

An incredibly positive and powerful business advisor and visionary, Debbie Leonard has launched her consulting firm: Employee Engagement NOW. She is actively consulting with business owners and leaders to prepare for future workforce changes by sparking productivity today. Her specialty is guiding small to mid-size companies through proven steps to ignite employee engagement, create effective multigenerational teams, and develop next-generation leaders.

Debbie Leonard is fearless, focused, and armed with on-target marketing tools. I’m confident she can conquer any challenge as she grows her new consulting and speaking business!

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