How to create an email signature: 5 tips to create a professional-looking email signature that supports your brand

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum

Often overlooked, the email signature is a hardworking “marketing tool” that supports your brand. 

I’m a big believer in ensuring your entire marketing toolkit is on-target and informative – and supports your brand. Of course, this includes critical marketing tools such as your website, business card, and printed collateral (e.g., brochures, sell sheets, and speaker one-sheets). This also includes a smaller “marketing tool” that is often overlooked: your email signature.

How do you create an informative, professional-looking email signature? Here are tips!

  1. Some information is critical to include – It’s important to include these components: company logo, your name, your title, your phone number, website address (with link), and social media icons (with links).
  2. Some information is optional – Is your company name clearly spelled out in your logo? If so, you may not need to include it in the text block of your nicely designed email signature. Are you a solopreneur (e.g., professional speaker, consultant, or author)? If so, I strongly encourage you to include your photo. Also consider including a limited number of icons for special awards or a link to read your company’s 5-star reviews. Another optional item is your email address. Some people insist it’s not necessary: “Your email address is elsewhere in the email – save the space!” Personally, I prefer to include my email address (with link) in my email signature. This way, recipients can quickly find ALL critical contact info in ONE place.
  3. From a branding standpoint, consistency is critical – Everyone in your company should use the IDENTICAL email signature, especially those who correspond with customers and vendors. Of course, change the personal information: name, title, phone, email. Don’t let employees get creative and come up with their own, unique email signature.
  4. Here’s a tip to create a professional-looking email signature – Outlook and other email clients/software programs don’t make it super easy to design a professional-looking email signature. MY TIP: I created my email signature in a Microsoft Word document, then copied/pasted the artwork into Outlook. My email signature is below. Since email signatures can contain a lot of information (both text and graphics), creating a professional-looking design can be a challenge. If you’re struggling, it’s time to call your favorite designer and ask for help.
  5. Look online for examples and inspiration – Search the Internet for “tips to create a professional email signature.” You’ll see a wide variety of examples. Like Goldilocks, find one that is “just right.” Use it as a template to organize your logo, photo (if appropriate), and all contact information. The goal is to create an email signature with an attractive, uncluttered design. This small “marketing tool” should be informative, professional, and support your brand!

Patrice Rhoades-Baum's example email signature


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