Case Study: Jonathan Bowman, Attorney & Speaker

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum

To launch speaking business, attorney needed to bring his new brand to life

When Jonathan Bowman, Esq., came to our team, he had selected the name of his new company: Clear Picture Leadership. However, he needed a website, speaker one-sheet, and marketing materials that would communicate his leadership expertise and help him launch his speaking career.

Jonathan’s speaking business has a unique twist, which needed to be conveyed visually and in the copy. As a professional photographer, he uses his captivating photos in presentations to help communicate his leadership concepts.


  • Our team identified Jonathan’s key benefit message for leaders: “Create a bold, clear-picture vision that inspires others.” We wrote the copy for his new website, ensuring it resonated with this message.
  • Our team created a new logo, wrote copy for his speaker one-sheet, and designed the one-sheet.
  • Next, we created his new website, with a design that features Jonathan’s photography.
  • In addition, we created a marketing postcard and stationery package (business card, letterhead, and envelope).

Jonathan launched his speaking business from a solid foundation: a clear brand, strategic website, polished speaker one-sheet, and professional marketing materials. He notes: “This is an extremely talented team. I’m very pleased about the professional quality of my website and marketing materials.”

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