Shedding light on the fuzzy topic of branding: My Branding interview now live on SiteProNews

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


My interview with David Jackson, owner of Free Marketing Tips Blog, is now live on SiteProNews, “the Net’s most widely read webmaster news source.”

During our interview, David asked a series of excellent questions, all focused on shedding light on the fuzzy topic of branding for solopreneurs and small business owners. For example, David posed this question, “What are a few strategies someone can use to differentiate herself from others in the same field?”

Here’s my answer: “Many of my clients will ask about strategies to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and I tell them, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ If you’re a corporate media trainer, you have competitors. If you’re a sales trainer, you have competitors — LOTS of competitors. In my view, the best approach is to gain a crystal-clear picture of what you offer that’s unique to you. In my branding process, I like to look for that ‘gem,’ polish it, and make it central to my client’s brand, website, and marketing materials. Instead of worrying about competitive differentiators, we make sure the gem shines and that it’s extremely attractive to prospective clients.”

If you’re seeking clarity on the fuzzy topic of branding, I invite you to read my interview with David Jackson on SiteProNews.

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