In search of rock art and rattlesnakes! View House on Fire and other highlights of our archaeological field trip

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


I love prowling around the canyons of southeastern Utah, searching for signs of ancient people – and rattlesnakes!

Recently, Mike and I joined other members of the Colorado Archaeological Society to explore a corner of the Four Corners region. One of our destinations, House on Fire, has become fairly well known. Another destination featuring petroglyph-covered boulders is TOP SECRET.

House on Fire: Built perhaps 1,000 years ago by the Anasazi (now called Ancient Puebloans), this dwelling is renowned for its “flames”: spectacular colorations on the sandstone overhang of this pretty, little alcove. As the mid-morning sun crept into the canyon, we were fortunate to witness House on Fire “catch fire.”

Petroglyphs: As noted, the rock art location is TOP SECRET. A wide variety of petroglyphs are pecked into large sandstone boulders. That’s all I can say before the Men in Black take me away.

And the rattlesnakes? Here’s my theory: When you see (or hear) a rattlesnake, you know you’re having an adventure!

There were no sightings this trip. However, I’m positive future field trips will yield a rattlesnake spotting. And who knows? Maybe there will be more than one. That’s when you know you are having a REAL ADVENTURE.  :>

Enjoy this quick slideshow!


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