VALUE versus BENEFIT: The “secret” to thinking like a marketer

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


If you own a business, you have to think like a marketing person. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean acting (or dressing) like the stereotypical used-car salesman!

Copyright Patrice Rhoades-Baum, 2013The secret? Just use the word “YOU.” 

Throughout your marketing toolkit – your website, speaker one-sheet/brochure, blog posts, and articles – it’s vital to speak directly to “you” (your client) and emphasize the benefits and results “you” get.

Your prospective clients (and audience members) are not focused on you and your company – they are focused on finding the right solution to their problem. Your job is to ensure “what you get” is crystal clear.

How can you do this? Simply restructure sentences in your marketing materials.

Instead of emphasizing “I” or “we” and the value you deliver, use the word “YOU” and clearly state the benefit (“what you get”).


Example #1

    “First, we work with our clients to clarify their challenges, then we create unique programs for them.” [To what end? What is the end goal?]
    “Prior to your event, we consult with you to understand your specific challenges. This ensures your unique program meets the mark and your desired outcomes.”

Example #2

    “We train sales teams on our trademarked process, so they can hit their quota, month after month.” [To what end? What is the end goal?]
    “Sales director: Your team will learn a proven process to hit their quota, month after month. You can increase your company’s revenue while driving consistency from quarter to quarter, so you can end the revenue roller-coaster ride.”

Get your red pen – it’s your turn!

“We offer a wide variety of workshops where our expert facilitators lead teams through interactive activities to improve communication.” [To what end? What is the end goal?]

Now, restructure it into a BENEFIT STATEMENT:



Keep your red pen handy! Take a whack at your Home page copy.

Is your website’s Home page copy chock-full of “I” or “we”? If so, invest a few minutes to restructure value statements into benefit statements. Get in the habit of writing “YOU” to clearly state “what you get”!

BTW, here’s one possible solution to the above exercise:

“In your customized workshop, our expert facilitator will lead your team through interactive – and strategic – activities to improve your team’s communication skills. The goal is to forge a highly productive team built on trust, open communication, and true teamwork.”



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