A shout-out to Author U

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


lightbulb-smallA big “THANK YOU” to Judith Briles and Author U members who attended my “Nail Your Brand!” workshop last Saturday. What a great group!

It was a fun day, with lots of participation and interaction. Plus, there were lots of “lightbulb” moments while attendees completed worksheets and discussed the unique value they offer – and the specific benefits and results their clients and readers get.

After our workshop, Author U founder Judith Briles wrote a blog article, noting, “Time after time, authors are asked about their books – they go on in perpetuity. They are asked about what they do; what their expertise is; what their books are about – they go on in perpetuity. Stop it. This is a critical part of your work as an author. It is the core of your brand, your authoring business. As Patrice Rhoades-Baum says, ‘Don’t be ooshie-gooshie with your words!’ ” (Read full article.)

Patrice presenting to AuthorU Jan 2014--small


Patrice, what a sensational home run to kick off our year. Our participants loved your energy, your interactive examples and your high content. Your “Nail Your Brand” workshop was the perfect seed for the newbies and the perfect goose for those who need to rethink and morph what they currently have. The before-and-after technique was powerful. We definitely want you again! Thank you!”

– Judith Briles, Author U


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