Do you have a stalled website project? Let’s tackle it now!

Posted by Patrice Rhoades-Baum


Note from Patrice: I wrote this short article as a favor for a colleague, which she shared in her email newsletter. I frequently team with Lauren Klopfenstein, owner of Lauren Graphics, Inc., on client website projects. I provide marketing insights, branding, and website/SEO copywriting. Lauren and her team provide outstanding website design and development. View their website portfolio at


You need to update your website, but…
Does your website project keep getting pushed to the backburner?


Do you need to hit the “refresh” button on your company’s website? Perhaps you need a small update, just a few nips and tucks to replace outdated information, add a new product or service, or add new case studies and testimonials.

Or do you need a brand-new website with a contemporary and compelling design, keyword-rich SEO copy, and on-target messaging that resonates with your prospects?

Whether your project is small or large, we find that website projects often get pushed to the backburner.

Here are 3 common reasons why this happens:

  1. “We don’t have a clear direction” – Backed by years of website-creation experience, we always start by helping you clarify your goals and objectives.
  2. “The project feels daunting” – Website projects can be complex, but they don’t have to be! A great solution is taking a Phase 1 / Phase 2 approach.
  3. “We’re busy, and this could be a time-consuming project” – Don’t worry, we do the heavy lifting! Our team has a depth of experience including project management to oversee – and competently complete – your website project.

There’s no time like the present! Let’s tackle your website project NOW. 



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